Good news everyone!

Hey, welcome to! :)

good news everyone! you have found this website. fuck yeah! but i have to disappoint you, there's nothing really important here, just some weired stuff from a little man, illu (his friends gave him this name, maybe somewhere he discribes why).

so, what is this all about? are there any pirates in here? -> no there aren't any real pirates in here, just some ninja's if you find 'em. but you will never find 'em. the secret is, I love data, nomnomnomnom.

Most of this stuff is personal stuff, with no matter at all just some notes for illu. there is no matter at all of this, just pure love and fun!

everything on and in and out of this page is free of charge. licenced under gpl, opensource, or whatever licence you need to copy all of this out of this. somewhere I have to put a disclaimer to get rid of lawyers and this evil freaks.