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Influx DB

influx db ( is a perfect database to collect my data. timestamps optmizied for queries at iot. we will integrate it into iobroker very smooth.

First create a volume to store safely the data you want to collect:

name path
ioInfluxDB2 /var/lib/influxdb2
ioInfluxConfig /etc/influxdb2

i missnamed this volume to another name, but you can change it to a good one.

then get a new container, i just pulled the latest image: influxdb:latest

after its deployment you can setup the webinterface

remember organisation name and bucket name .. we will need that later

navigate to data → api tokens and copy that token, we will need it in iobroker.

the integration into iobroker is a little bit tricky, the current build is not able to work with influxdb2 so we have to get it manualy. switch into expert mode and install it from own url:

get a new tab for github: and checkout the tags from 2.4.0 and copy that url:

insert url into custom own url in iobroker

when its installed, you have to search in your adapters again and tada, you can get version 2.4.0. you have to install it, here in the picture its already installed.

edit your recent installed adapter to fit the properties you have choose in initial setup. put in the secret api token:

activate complete logging to all your objects. goto iobroker → objects → right top corner

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Examples influxdb

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