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iobroker (homeautomatisation: is a free javascript based internet of things and homeautomatisation software. its possible to run it on a raspberry pi, container or own pc. lots of plugins and possibilities.

like before, i just use docker formats.

first i created a volume for iobrokers data

name path
broker_data /opt/iobroker

then the container

type config extra
image buanet/iobroker:latest
volume container /opt/iobroker look above
volume data broker_data look above
working dir /opt/iobroker data i create, will be stored here
network host due to node-red for echo need broadcast to detect new devices
env USBDEVICES /dev/ttyACM0 this is my zigbee
runtime mode privileged mode for node-red listening on port 80
runtime devices container /dev/ttyACM0 → host /dev/ttyACM0 passthrough usb device

Port forwarding was a process of trying and finding the right adapters. You may not forward all those ports, just u need right now.

host container service
80 80 node-red listening for alexa detect new devices
1880 1880 node-red
1882 1882 mqtt shelly
1883 1883 mqtt sonoff
8081 8081 iobroker admin
8082 8082 iobroker web
8086 8086 influx DB web
3001 3001 grafana web
38835 38835 alexa proxy

when you are ready you can deploy the container. if you need to edit some specifications, just edit the container and redeploy it.

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